Rejuvenating Rugs

Okay so I am going to be honest with you.   The house is a mess because I have started about 3 different projects and definitely shouldn’t have started any more but of course today was the day that I would try to rejuvenate some matted rugs I had lying around.  With Sim in her walker I grabbed the first rug I saw and got to work.

I had read something on Pinterest that I was interested in trying out, all I needed was a dog brush and dog hair de-tangling spray. Well I didn’t have the spray so I just grabbed some resolve carpet cleaner I had lying around and the wire dog brush and got to work.  I first vacuumed the rug just to clean it up a bit, then I sprayed the resolve and let it sit for a minute.

Then I literally just combed the rug over and over and voila it looks a hundred times better! Now the big question..did I finish the entire rug? Not a chance! Sim started getting fussy so I had to leave it for a bit and then of course I decided to blog about my success before finishing it.  Now my afternoon is full of baby Sim entertainment, hopefully completing or at least hiding the other projects before the hubs comes home and figuring out how to re-purpose over peppered mashed potatoes into a tasty dinner.  Depending on my level of success I might tell you about it!

Well anyway, this post was about a rug so here are the pictures to show the results!

Original Rug in its glorious nastiness


The wire dog brush 


After brushing the rug for a few minutes..


And finally a comparison shot! 


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