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What is natural might not come naturally

When you (or your partner) gets pregnant, you are guaranteed to hear the phrases “its the hardest thing you will ever do” and “it is the most wonderful thing in the world”. At some point after giving birth these phrases merged in my mind to sound more like “this will be incredibly hard but in those difficult moments you will know that this is the most wonderful thing in the world”. Continue reading What is natural might not come naturally

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Postpartum Dating

Hah, gotcha! Did the title make you super curious what I was going to write about?  Now to those of you who may find this article while searching the internet for advice on dating after having kids, I am sorry that this might have been misleading, but keep reading because you might still get something out of this! I realized that the last blog I wrote was about a year ago. Last year was yet another giant motherhood learning curve, something I will touch on in a separate article, but I figured I would start off my re-entry into the … Continue reading Postpartum Dating

What comfort zones are hindering you?

I enjoy knowing what to expect in my day and throughout my life. I have developed comfort zones in many areas of my life. The dictionary defines comfort zone as a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress. I have recently realized that over time I have developed a comfort zone of failing. I have set goals for myself and given up so often that it actually feels more familiar to give up then to follow through. This is a breakthrough for me because now when I set a goal, and I start to … Continue reading What comfort zones are hindering you?

Be Still

Stillness does not come easily, it requires vulnerability. When I am still, I cannot hide behind the flurry of thoughts that come without beckoning, a stream of unfinished sentences flowing through my mind.   Even the aspirational thoughts act as a shield against truths the stillness may reveal. These aspirations represent an ideal version of myself. A version that is eagerly conjured as I drift off to sleep, yet remains a musing of the night when I rise from my bed.   Stillness is not a destination. It is a path that brings me to a deeper part of myself. … Continue reading Be Still

A letter to my daughter.

My sweet baby girl. I love you so much. You are a light in my life, your laugh, your smile, your different voices and expressions and your big personality. You can be shy, yet quick to give a smile to a stranger. You love your doggie siblings, your many aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents and you talk about everyone you know all the time. You are currently repeating whatever the last word or words that someone says which can result in funny moments such as you saying “bye bye baby” to your uncle Shane. You are just getting a cold, … Continue reading A letter to my daughter.

Patience and Perserverence 

Its been a long time since I have written anything, partly due to trying to take care of a now 16 month old but also because I was not sure exactly what I wanted to write about. But on this glorious end of summer day, I am sitting in the backyard watching my daughter and wanted to write about what I saw. She was just walking around the yard and picked up a plastic corn on the cob and the wand portion of a bubble set. Then she added a mesh bag with two tea cups in it. Shortly after … Continue reading Patience and Perserverence 

Remember the good days..

Today was a good day. And when a mother of a young baby says that, it is most likely a result of their child sleeping well. It started out with Simsim not waking up until 6:50 instead of her more recent timing of 6:10-6:20..hey those extra 30 minutes are a big deal! We dropped Maggi off at daycare, had a nice little breakfast at Panera, during which I didn’t pull out my phone once! Oh and the weather was soo beautiful! We then went home and took a 30 minute nap. Once she woke up we got into the car … Continue reading Remember the good days..

DIY Baby Wipes! 

It has been a while since I wrote a blog, we have been doing some work on the house and it has been taking over our life a bit! So this morning when I was making some wipes for Simsim I decided to share what I do with you! These pictures show all you need! Paper towel Containers Coconut oil Baby soap Hot water So the only sort of tricky part is cutting the paper towel in half, I use a really long serated bread knife. It doesn’t make the cleanest cut but it gets the job done. The woman … Continue reading DIY Baby Wipes! 

🍊Life (fruit) hack 

Okay guys don’t laugh..this post is about oranges! It will be short I promise! So I wanted to cut an orange for Sim but after peeling the orange,rather than  separating the slices in the traditional way, for some reason I laid it sideways so that the ends of the orange were parallel to the counter and proceded to cut it as if it was an apple. This might sound silly but I got super excited about the result! I hope I am not the only one who might not particularly enjoy the skin of the orange, even though it is … Continue reading 🍊Life (fruit) hack 

Playpens and Toys

Since we have come back from our trip to India and Dubai, Sim has had to relearn some habits, such as sleeping through the night, sitting in a car seat and playing alone. Thankfully she seems to enjoy her car seat and is actually falling asleep in it better than she used to (she used to always cry before falling asleep). She is still waking up a couple times at night but per the doctors recommendations the time she is awake is getting shorter and I am only feeding her once throughout the 12 hours.  If you want to know … Continue reading Playpens and Toys