🍊Life (fruit) hack 

Okay guys don’t laugh..this post is about oranges! It will be short I promise! So I wanted to cut an orange for Sim but after peeling the orange,rather than  separating the slices in the traditional way, for some reason I laid it sideways so that the ends of the orange were parallel to the counter and proceded to cut it as if it was an apple. This might sound silly but I got super excited about the result! I hope I am not the only one who might not particularly enjoy the skin of the orange, even though it is … Continue reading 🍊Life (fruit) hack 

Playpens and Toys

Since we have come back from our trip to India and Dubai, Sim has had to relearn some habits, such as sleeping through the night, sitting in a car seat and playing alone. Thankfully she seems to enjoy her car seat and is actually falling asleep in it better than she used to (she used to always cry before falling asleep). She is still waking up a couple times at night but per the doctors recommendations the time she is awake is getting shorter and I am only feeding her once throughout the 12 hours.  If you want to know … Continue reading Playpens and Toys

Flying with Baby take two (and three)

After five wonderful and long weeks we are finally home sweet home and it feels so good! We had such an amazing time with Gauravs family, they got to bond so much with Sim and we really enjoyed our time in India. We were also able to spend 5 days with some of our best friends in Dubai, who have a son that is 15 days older than Sim. Watching the babies interact and “talk” to each other made for some great entertainment. The worst part about G and my relationship is that our families are so far apart, so … Continue reading Flying with Baby take two (and three)