Leftover mashed potatoes..

So Monday I made mashed potatoes, green beans and chicken. Everything was going well until I used the wrong side of the pepper dispenser, resulting in WAY too much pepper in the mashed potatoes. I served them anyway and my lovely husband ate them without a comment, thankfully he is used to eating spiced food! I could not put him through that again so I had to come up with a way to use the pepper, I mean the mashed potatoes. Here is a photo of the unappetizing potatoes.

Peppery mashed potatoes 

After searching the good old internet I decided to make potato soup! I went with this recipe allrecipes.com/recipe/20987/potato-soup but cut the measurements in half because I was not about to make more potatoes for this soup. After adding more milk than the recipe called for I got my hand blender and blended the mixture a little more to get a smoother consistency. I cooked some bacon up, because bacon makes everything better!  I crumbled the bacon into the soup along with some chopped green onions. I baked some biscuits on the side and crossed my fingers for success.



My husband could not stop raving about dinner! He absolutely loved the soup and had two bowls of it, not leaving any leftovers, which was exactly what I wanted! I really enjoyed the soup too, it was smooth and creamy, perfect for a cool fall day.  The bacon added a smoky flavor to the soup.  It was not a healthy dinner but it used up some food that might have otherwise been thrown out so I consider that a win!


Final Product!! 

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