Be Still

Stillness does not come easily,

it requires vulnerability.

When I am still,

I cannot hide behind the flurry of thoughts

that come without beckoning,

a stream of unfinished sentences flowing through my mind.


Even the aspirational thoughts

act as a shield against truths the stillness may reveal.

These aspirations represent an ideal version of myself.

A version that is eagerly conjured as I drift off to sleep,

yet remains a musing of the night when I rise from my bed.


Stillness is not a destination.

It is a path that brings me to a deeper part of myself.

This level of introspection is rarely pursued.

Here my vision is hazy, it is unnerving.


I wait with trepidation.

 As the haze starts to recede I am tempted to look away.

Before me lie truths about myself

that my conscious mind has done its best to ignore.


But if I stay,

not only will I see the harsh reality of the darker parts of my being,

I will also find goodness and light.

It is in our acknowledgement of both

where growth and opportunity lie.

For light cannot be seen without the contrasting darkness.


We are not meant to be a finished product.

We are a constant evolution of dreams and desires,

a unique and complex pattern of light and dark

 that takes time and patience to decipher.


Take that time.

You are worth it.


2 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Well, well, well….walking in your grandmother’s footsteps. She would be proud of you. These are thought-provoking ideas. I like the contrasting of good and bad, light and darkness, consciousness and sleep. It resonates with me. Thank you for sharing.

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