Flying with Baby take two (and three)

After five wonderful and long weeks we are finally home sweet home and it feels so good! We had such an amazing time with Gauravs family, they got to bond so much with Sim and we really enjoyed our time in India. We were also able to spend 5 days with some of our best friends in Dubai, who have a son that is 15 days older than Sim. Watching the babies interact and “talk” to each other made for some great entertainment. The worst part about G and my relationship is that our families are so far apart, so … Continue reading Flying with Baby take two (and three)

First flight with baby! 

Hello all! It has been a while since I have written anything, there always seems to be something else to prioritize over blogging during the precious minutes of Sims sleep time. We had been planning a trip to India since the beginning of thr year, and when we decided that I would stay home with Sim for the time being and not go back to work, we thought it would be nice if Sim and I could spend a little more time with his family. So we booked a flight for Sim and me 2 weeks before my husband so … Continue reading First flight with baby!