The basement and its water woes..

My childhood home only had a crawl space, so my experience with basements was limited and I was excited to see the space potential that our new house had with its unfinished basement. Well we have had many mishaps with all things underground in our house and over the last two years we have mainly made sure that it was water tight. Through this we discovered a lot of things about our house! As you can see in the pictures below, it is a great space, behind the wall with the windows is a smaller space that has the water heater, boiler, washer, dryer and sink. … Continue reading The basement and its water woes..

Master Bedroom

So the master bedroom in our house had an interesting color scheme, there was a teal wall color and a royal blue carpet, and we definitely knew that we wanted to make some changes. As you can see from the pictures below, the room is big but with an odd shape. The first thing to go was the carpet. The fun part was ripping the carpet up! As is often the case, destroying something is easier than creating something (insert deep philosophical thought here).  We used a box cutter to cut the carpet into manageable sizes, rolled these portions up … Continue reading Master Bedroom

Rejuvenating Rugs

Okay so I am going to be honest with you.   The house is a mess because I have started about 3 different projects and definitely shouldn’t have started any more but of course today was the day that I would try to rejuvenate some matted rugs I had lying around.  With Sim in her walker I grabbed the first rug I saw and got to work. I had read something on Pinterest that I was interested in trying out, all I needed was a dog brush and dog hair de-tangling spray. Well I didn’t have the spray so I … Continue reading Rejuvenating Rugs

New House, New Projects!

PART 1 My father has his own wallpapering and painting business, but his skills extend far beyond that, he has done almost everything himself in the house I grew up in; electrical work, plumbing and construction etc.  So growing up I definitely wanted to find a man that would be as handy as my dad was. Well thankfully the man I married has that handy man instinct.  He loves to be able to do everything himself, and when we bought our first home in January 2014, we realized that we both really enjoyed taking on different projects and renovations together. … Continue reading New House, New Projects!