Remember the good days..

Today was a good day. And when a mother of a young baby says that, it is most likely a result of their child sleeping well. It started out with Simsim not waking up until 6:50 instead of her more recent timing of 6:10-6:20..hey those extra 30 minutes are a big deal!

We dropped Maggi off at daycare, had a nice little breakfast at Panera, during which I didn’t pull out my phone once! Oh and the weather was soo beautiful! We then went home and took a 30 minute nap. Once she woke up we got into the car and headed to a friends house for a play date and got to take a nice walk outside.

We managed to hit Costco quickly and kept the bill under $100, then headed home for the next round of naps! Simsim is not the best day sleeper and sometimes she can spend 30 minutes fussing to only sleep for 20 minutes. Well today she didn’t even cry for a minute and fell asleep in the same position that I put her in the crib. I got to relax and guess what! She slept for over an hour!!!

Did I mention the beautiful weather?? After opening the windows, the feeling of fresh air in the house motivated me to do some  cleaning so as Simsim played I got to do the dishes and vaccum.

We enjoyed some backyard time and to finish the day off, my spur of the moment (thanks sample servers) purchase of mediterranean seasoned lamb shanks from Costco were a major success with the hubby!

So all to say, today was a really great day, but there is rain on the forecast tomorrow and a good chance that the stars will not align and Simsim won’t sleep as well. So I am documenting this day so that I can go back during those not so magical days and remember that it will get better! I am really working on remembering that it is up to me to make the day enjoyable no matter the circumstances. There really is so much to be grateful for in life, if we just take the time to remember.

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