DIY Baby Wipes! 

It has been a while since I wrote a blog, we have been doing some work on the house and it has been taking over our life a bit! So this morning when I was making some wipes for Simsim I decided to share what I do with you!

These pictures show all you need!

  1. Paper towel
  2. Containers
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Baby soap
  5. Hot water

So the only sort of tricky part is cutting the paper towel in half, I use a really long serated bread knife. It doesn’t make the cleanest cut but it gets the job done. The woman I got this from has her husband cut them with a Miter saw so you might need to experiment what works best for you!

Once you get it cut in half you want to remove the cardboard portion as you will be pulling the wipes from the middle. So far Bounty truly is the best brand..I have tried a different brand but it just is not as strong.  Use any coconut oil and the usual baby soap, one tablespoon each. Pour in one cup of boiling water (I just heat it in a tea kettle) which will melt the coconut oil and then put the paper towel in and you are set!

The towel should be completely wet in just a few minutes…it is quick and you know exactly what you are wiping your baby’s bum with! Also you always have paper towel in the house so you never really run out of wipes! I want to buy the paper towel in bulk at Costco but they only sell the jumbo rolls so keep that in mind.  If you can find a container that fits the jumbo size then all the better. I got my containers at Walmart  for about 4 bucks each.

This is the original post where I got the recipe from.

UPDATE: I wanted to update this blog with a few things.  The first is that if you put the halved roll into the canister with the rest of the ingredients, the water will soak into the cardboard making it so much easier to remove! Just don’t let the wet cardboard sit in there too long or else it kind of messes up the wipes.

Also for full disclosure I have stopped making my own wipes right now.  I found a great deal on Amazon with their Subscribe & Save program for Water wipes which really has the least ingredients than even the DIY ones.  Also I was unable to find a place that sold regular size Downy rolls in bulk and I did not want to buy larger containers right now to accommodate the jumbo roll.  So there you have it!

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