My life, My Story

I can say right now that I am not sure how this blogging thing is going to work out, but I am cautiously optimistic that my writing skills aren’t terrible and that my blogs might be at least entertaining.  I feel that there are so many things that I would love to share. I know that I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and learning about their life and I hope some might like to read mine.

So here goes nothing…I am your average American girl, I was raised in a christian home in Central Jersey (woot woot!) I am the second oldest of 7 siblings and was home schooled for all through to 12th grade.  I love to travel and learn about new cultures, and this was fostered through my childhood church, where I was able to visit Mexico twice and Bangladesh.  I believe that my love of different cultures comes from my parents, who were born in different countries, my father right here in New Jersey and my mother in Hanover, Germany.

After spending a year in Germany as a nanny, and backpacking through Europe with my best friend for 5 weeks, my mother was convinced I was going to “find some foreign boy” and live in another country..little did she know the foreign boy would find me right here in good old Jersey.  I met my husband at work, he is from Mumbai, India.

We met in February 2009, started dating later that year, got engaged in March 2012 and married July that same year.  One house, 2 dogs and 4 years of marriage later we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter who is the light of our life! I will be writing about my current life as a stay at home mom, stories about my travels and our adventures in home ownership among other things. Wish me luck!

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